Thunder over Georgia _Chris Buff

Big Brother Helps Out
Big Brother helps steady the binoculars as the little brother looks for the Thunderbirds Solo's
Bringing the Heat!
Shockwave brings the heat at Robins AFB
B-1 Bomber receiving some TLC at Robins AFB
Hotwire Harry and Sheriff Rosco
Hotwire Harry and Sheriff Rosco provided laughs and thrills at Thunder Over Georgia
Shockwave Lights em up!
Chris Darnell's Shockwave Jet Truck blasts by the crowd at Robins AFB
Randy Ball's Mig-17 over Robins AFB
MIG 17, Low and Fast!
Randy Ball performs a high speed pass in the MIG 17
Bottom of the Loop
The USAF Thunderbirds begin their pullup after a loop over Robins AFB
Boss takes the lead
Thunderbird #1 makes its way to the runway at Robins AFB
The Thunderbirds Solo's perform the Reflection Pass
The Perfect Diamond
The USAF Thunderbirds Diamond over Robins AFB
Thunderbirds Delta
The Thunderbirds Delta climbs into the sky at Robins AFB
Care and Feeding of the Viper
A Thunderbirds F-16 jet receives some post flight TLC
Thunderbird 1
Commander of the USAF Thunderbirds, Lt. Col. Christopher Hammond