Ft Worth Alliance Airshow_Eric Renth

This will be one of the last times Phantoms will fly across US skies.This Holloman based QF4E and 20 others will retire by Dec 2016.
This Eglin based F-35A was a real hit with airshow crowds. Of course, it's built right in Ft Worth.
Despite being in different services, this USAF T-6A and Navy T-6B are both based at NAS Pensacola FL.
A lot of work went into restoring this beautiful A-1H Skyraider.
Seeing this FA-18F got a lot of people talking about the Blue Angels starting to fly the Super Hornet in 2018.
The 301st FW based at NAS Ft Worth is a contender to be the first Air Force Reserve unit to fly the F-35A. In the meantime, their Ft Worth based F-16C Viper…
This rare short body DC-9 was an unusual visitor. Not many of these are left.