Northern Illinois Airshow_Tom Hedlund

Areostar's Harvey "Boss" Meek makig sure the rest of his team is ready to take to the skies.
Big Smile
Michael Vaknin returning from his performance with a big smile on his face.
David Scott preping his Pitts.
David Scott preping his Pitts.
Dragon's Fyre jet truck
Dragon's Fyre jet truck
Final flight of the show
A very happy Paul Wood celebrating after his final flight of the show.
Looking high in the sky
Airshow fans looking skyward to take in the sirshow.
Skyraider flat pass
The beuatiful Skyraider know as "Naked Fanny" making a nice photo pass.
The Heritage/Legacy Flight
The Heritage/Legacy Flight with a TBM flown by Brad Deckert, P-51 flown by Vlado Lenoch, F-86 Sabre flown by Steven Kirik and the A-4 flown by Paul Wood.
The wave
Susan Dacy waving to the crowd after her flight.
WHF's F-86 inclose
Steve Kirik preforming a beautiful pass in front of the crowd in Warbird Heritage Foundation's F-86.
Areostar Group photo.
The AeroStars are all smiles as they pose for a group photo next to their plane.
Scooter in close
Close up pass by Warbird Heritage Foundation's A-4 flown by Paul Wood.