Atlanta Warbird Weekend 2016_Chris Buff

Tiger Sunrise
A Georgia sunrise behind a stunning P-40 Warhawk
Teeth of the Tiger
.50 Cal Machine Guns of a P-40 Warhawk
Daybreak on the LT-6
The CAF Dixie Wing's LT-6 Mosquito looks radiant in the morning sun
Golden Tiger
The first rays of sun light up one of the P-40's honoring the famous Flying Tigers Squadron of WWII
Doolittle Raider Lt. Col. Dick Cole - American Hero
Lt Col Dick Cole, Jimmy Doolittle's Co-Pilot during the famous World War II B-25 Doolittle Raid
Twilight Warhawk
Curtis P-40 Warhawk captured during a twilight photo shoot
TIger Taxi
A pair of P-40's taxi to the active runway at Atlanta Warbird Weekend
Red Nose on the Ramp
North American P-51D Mustang "Red Nose" on the ramp at the end of the day
Sunrise on Warhawk Row
A beautiful sunrise behind a row of P-40 Warhawks
PT-26 Sunrise
The CAF DIxie Wing's PT-26 waits patiently for the sun to come up at Atlanta Warbird Weekend
TIgers on the Flightline
Four P-40 Warhawks on the flightline
Warhawk Row
The sun rises on a row of P-40 Warhawks, The five flyiable P-40's were the centerpiece of the Atlanta Warbird Weekend. This years event honored the famous WWII…
Twilight Tiger
Twilight backdrop for a P-40 Warhawk in Flying Tigers livery