Chicago Air and Water Show_Tom Hedlund

CFD Christopher Wheatley
CFD Christopher Wheatley showing off it's water cannons.
Charles Tilliman and Golden Knights
Retired Chicago Bear's Charles Tillman jumping into the Chicago Water and Airshow with the Army's Golden Knights.
Coast Guard SAR.
Coast Guard's HH-65 setting up to perfom a Search and Resue.
F35 and P51
The past with the future. Keep the the flying.
F35 debut at CWAS
F-35 pulling some G's for the 1st time over the Chicago lake front.
Golden Knights showing respect for Corey Hood
The Army's Golden Knights showing respect for thier fallen brother Corey Hood.
Sean Tucker
Sean Tucker taking it low at airshow center.
The 4ce formation
The 4ce flying in formation
USCG Katmai Bay
USCG Katmai Bay being used as airshow center.
The F-18 of the VFA-106 US Navy's TACDEMO.
WHF's A4 going vertical
Paul Wood taking the WHF's A4 vertical to generate some vapor.
Aviation inflatables
Vendor selling aviation inflatables to a great crowd along the beach.