EAAOshkosh_Tom Hedlund

The AeroShell team talking with thier fans.
What better way to take a break from an airshow then with a nap in the shade.
Ashley Key strapped in for take off.
A beutiful B-17 posing in front of the wall of fire.
The QF-4 being flown by Elivs departing Oshkosh for the last time.
An amzing sight to see P-51 and F-16 flying together.
Harriosn Ford taking the 2 million Young Eagle for a flight.
70 different countries partook in the International parade.
Kyle and Dracula taking to the air for another great perfromance.
The Coulson Flying Tanker dropping 7200 gallons of water on the runway at Oshkosh.
Matt Younkin waving to the crowd
World War II re-enactors taking a stroll on December 7th.
The door panel of "Ole Yeller" Ford Mustang
The Canadian Snowbird executing the break.
The Texas Flying Legend's Spitefire in the fray.
The pearl in flight.
A young couple enjoying the airshow out side the Vintage Aircraft area.