Quad City Airshow_Tom Hedlund

In close
Nice and close for the final pass of the day form Tora Tora Tora
Looking into the burner
Look into the afterburner of the F-16.
On the brink of Mach
The Super Hornet generating some vapor on the brink of speed of sound.
Peering out of the smoke
Jeff Shetterly's radial engine peering out of the smoke.
QCAS Follow me
With the possible final QCAS in the books, this sign may no longer be needed.
Skip on the edge
The one and only Skip Steward dancing on the edge.
Bob Carlton creating outstanding smoke trails in skies over Davenport.
The Static Ramp
The warm weather didn't stop the fans from stopping out to see the statics before the show started.
Time for a group photo
This P40 was more than happy to be the backdrop in this group's photo.
In tight.
A T-6 transformed to a movie version of a Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" coming in close to perform a strafing run.
Wings for Capt Kuss
US Navy TAC Demo team remembering the fallen Blue Angel Capt. Kuss on the tops side of their wings.
With a place of honor so deserved
F-16 and P-51 performing the Heritage flight to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
Heritage Pilots
Vlado Lenoch and a member of the Viper Demo team discuss some of the features of Baby Duck.
Smokey camo
Greg "Rifle" Shetterly using his smoke to hide his RV over the crowd at QCAS.