Flyparty2016_Tommaso Munforti

Aerogallo (aero rooster) is a homemade light and strange airplane. It's hand painted to look like a real cock just flew off the roost!
Aermacchi MB326 and JET PROVOST T.3A
Rockwell OV-10 bronco
Born in 1963 in Genova, this Piaggio P166C model I-PIAS flew his last flight of his first life in early summer of 1985.
This North American Aviation T 6G marche I-SSEP, was born in1944.
Italian Fiat G46
This Stearman PT-17 model A-75-N1 code N5254B s/n 41-7941 was delivered to US ARMY on the 15th April 1941.
Cessna O-1G Bird Dog with Bronco.