CFB Trenton_Shawn Yost

CF-18 Hornet Demo Pilot Capt. Ryan "Roid" Kean gives the CFB Trenton/Quinte crowd a wave.
CF-18 Hornet piloted by Capt. Ryan "Roid" Kean Dedication Pass. This year's aircraft is painted to commemorate the British Commonwealth Air Training Program.
CC-117 Globemaster III from CFB Trenton's "Bison" 429 Transportation Squadron
Mag. Gen Tommy Williams in a P-51D Mustang leads Maj. Daniel "Rock" Dickinson in the F-22 Raptor during the USAF Heritage Flight
RCAF Snowbirds demonstration pilots march out to the aircraft.
RCAF Snowbirds - Big Diamond Pass in Review
The graceful performance of the RCAF Snowbirds is evident in the Line Abreast Loop.