Spirit of St. Louis Air Show_Tom Hedlund

B1 forward sweep pass
The Lancer crew slowing it down so that the crowd can take in the beauty of this aircraft.
B2 Spirit of New York
B2 Spirit of New York stopped by to show off her smooth belly.
Blue Angels Number 6 taking to the sky
Blue Angels solo
Blues burst over the moon.
Blues making it hot in here
CF-18 Climbing out
CF-18 Hornet using it's thrust to show that its more than a just a fine-looking aircraft
CF-18 demo bird
The top side of the very color demonstration hornet of the CF-18 Canadian Hornet.
F22 Flying testbed
Definitely a one of a kind aircraft, not only is this the first ever Boeing 757 built but it was also modified to be used as a flying test bed for the F-22…
Heritage F22 and P51.JPG
Moon in Jetwash
Raptor returning from flight.
Raptor showing off
Skyraider flying by showing it means business.
Snowbird over the top with smoke on.
TBM Photo Pass
Striking TBM performing a photo pass.
WHF Baby Duck