Snowbirds Home Opener_Colin Kunkel

The Snowbirds finish their first show of 2016 with the 'Battle of Britain' pass.
The Snowbirds 'Big Arrow' formation; loops over 15 Wing Moose Jaw; as they open their 2016 season, at home.
The Snowbirds finish off the 'Commonwealth Split'; during their 2016 Home Opener.
Snowbird #6; Capt. Greg Hume-Powell, proposed to his longtime girlfriend; Emily; during the opening show of the 2016 Snowbird season.
Inner right wing, Capt. Ave Pyne; straps into the #2 jet, prior to the Snowbirds first show of 2016.
CO of the Snowbirds, LCol. Brad Wintrup; gives the team a 'thumbs up', as they taxi in, following their 2016 Home Opener.
Snowbird 11, Capt. Regan Wickett, shares a moment with his son; before the first Snowbird performance of 2016.