CAF WWII Heritage Days_Chris Buff

American Soldier
A US Army infantry reenactor certainly looks the part
Mosquito Cranking
North American LT-6 Mosquito of the CAF Dixie Wing in Peachtree City, GA
Calling in Artillery
A WWII Reenactor calls in an artillery strike
King Cobra Reborn
The CAF Dixie Wings P63A King Cobra is close to returning to flight
Pee Wee and Albert
Jim “Pee Wee” Martin and Albert McMahan talk in the CAF Dixie Wing hangar
Placid Cassie on the ramp
Douglas C47 Placid Cassie
Placid Cassie
The C-47 Placid Cassie rests on the ramp at the 2016 World War II Heritage Days event
Respite from the war
Re-enacting is a family affair for these four
The Major
A very convincing WWII era USAAF Major at WWII Heritage Days
Wartime Baseball
A WWII era, US Army issued, baseball glove and ball