AirPowerOver Hampton Roads_Steve Serdikoff

Rob Holland discusses the finer points of world class aerobatic flying to an audience of high school students
Randy Ball taxis past the USAF Thunderbirds in his MiG-17F
Langley Heritage Flight
Kent Peitsch clearly enjoying his appareance at Langley
Jim Tobul's F4U Corsair Korean War Hero
Greg Colyer in his T-33 Acemaker II performs in front of threatening skies at Langley
An impressive lineup of tactical jets were featured at Langley
Rob Reider describes Rob Holland's aerobatic display for the large audience
The F-22A Raptor dedication pass
The RV-8s of Redline Airshows await their pilots
The US Navy Legacy Hornet TACDEMO pops vapor during a high speed pass
Jerry "Jive" Kerby in his RV-8 named Wild Blue