Los Angeles County Air Show_Mark E Loper

Blue Angel diamond pass behind the tail of Fat Albert
Ryder and Lt. Matthew Suyderhoud
Ryder DiPierri gets a photo op with his hero and idol Lt. Matthew Suyderhoud, Right Wing (#2) of the USN Blue Angels
The B-52 flyover at the 2016 LA County Air Show
Capt. Corrie Mays
Capt. Corrie Mays, Events Coordinator (#8) for the USN Blue Angels signs autographs for kids in the crowd at the LA County Air Show
Fat Albert
Fat Albert in the parade pass to stunt the crowds at the LA County Air Show.
Ready to fly
A boy on his father's back shows the USN Blue Angels solos cross as it happens in the sky in front of him.
Kent Pietsch
A new perspective of Kent Pietsch attempting his truck top landing. You know he always gets it on his third try!
LA County Air Show
View from the tower at the LA County Air Show
Los Angeles County Air Show
A view from high above the Los Angeles County Air Show from the inverted wing of Skip Stewart.
Casey and Bernie
Bernie Vasquez in the P-40 and Casey Odegaard in the P-51 flying aircraft from the Texas Flying Legends Museum.
Skip Stewart, Melissa Pemberton and Chris Darnell in the Shockwave Jet Truck make up the team called Tinstix
The wall of fire ignites at the LA County Air Show
Third Strike Wingwalking
Pilot Marcus Paine with wingwalkers Carol Pilon and Kelly Garvin
The Blue Angels wingmen break over the top of the crowd at the LA County Air Show
Fat Albert
Fat Albert leaps a few feet off the runway as it barrels down on the deck just before launch to nearly vertical
Zeros attack
Bombs exploding in the background of a passing Kate in the heat re-enacting the Pearl Harbor attack presented by Tora Tora Tora Airshows.
Rob and Ric
Rare to see these guys together at an air show. They are usually in competition for announcing air shows around the continent and beyond. I even had to ask if…
Texas Flying Legends
A few of the Texas Flying Legends Museum aircraft on the ramp in front of the Blue Angels at the LA County Air Show