Wings Over North Georgia_Chris Buff

A unique view of a Skytypers takeoff
A backseat, trail formation view of a Skytyper SNJ during a ride along over North Georgia
Mitchell in the mist
A member of the MV-22 Osprey's crew watches an arrival while giving some TLC
The legacy Hornet launches into dark skies
The Raptor seems to be de-cloaking during a high speed pass
The B-25 Mitchell Show Me cranks em up
The rainy weather helped the F/A-18 Legacy Hornet create amazing amounts of vapor
The Legacy Hornet leaves a sheet of vapor in its wake
The MV-22 lifts off to begin its flight demonstration
the Parade of Vets
The Raptor goes vertical and the vapor follows!
The Super Hornet got into the vapor action as well
The Super Hornet launches into the rainy skies over Rome, Georgia
Not your typical airshow weather
Heavy rains and cold wind did not keep the truly committed from enjoying the show