Warbirds Over Monroe_Jim Froneberger

Clemens Kuhlig goes by the name of Chef Pitts because he is also a professional chef.
Warbirds Over Monroe concluded with Tora Bomb Squad's Wall of Fire as Red Star and Dragon made their final pass.
Jim Tobul and Scott Yoak perform their inspring Class of 45 dual routine.
Andy Anderson in the Dragon Strikemaster and Jerry Conley in the Red Star L-29 take to the air for their Red Star and Dragon combat routine.
Jim Tobul in his Corsair - Korean War Hero
Mustangs Angels Playmate and Obsession in a tight formation fly-by
Warriors and Warbirds' C-46 Tinker Belle on takeoff at Warbirds Over Monroe. Tinker Belle is based locally at Monroe.
Jerry Conley in his L-29 Viper, the Red Star