Randolph AFB Airshow_Eric Renth

Fernando Cortez (L) the curator of the Airman Heritage Museum at Lackland AFB poses with a WW2 reenactor in front of this Fairchild PT26 Primary Trainer
Lt.Col. Christopher Hammond of Abilene, Texas, the Thunderbird Leader-Commander chats with fans.
This QF4E Drone Rhino out of Tyndall AFB was a nice surprise. Seeing a flying F4 is pretty rare today.
This F35A Lightning 2 is with the 33 FW at Eglin AFB FL. It was roped off due to the stealth capabilities it has.
This Boeing Stearman was a real crowd pleaser
The rear cockpit of the F4 brought back memories. This author flew in the back of an F4C back in Aug 77
The classic Thunderbird line up.
Phyllis Renth poses with Thunderbird Asst. Crew Chief TSgt Jake Kretsch and his future Thunderbird daughter
One of the coolest displays at Randolph was the Vince Lombardi Trophy that will be awared to the winner of Super Bowl 50 in Jan 2016.
Members of the Randolph AFB Civil Air patrol Squadron volunteered to man the B52-F4 simulator rides.