Great Georgia Airshow_Chris Buff

Recently mowed grass flies in the downwash of this Georgia National Guard Blackhawk
Blue Angels Daybreak
The Fortis
The sun rises to reveal heavy clouds over the Blue Angels
Blue Angels Walkdown
Delta Boeing 767 makes a low pass to show off its new livery promoting the fight against breast cancer.
Fat Albert leaves spiral trails of condensation during the Low Transition Takeoff
It was a packed house on Saturday at GGAS 2015
The JackLinks Jet Biplane passes in front of a towering wall of fire
Michael Goulian catches up to a Lexus during the drag race challeng
Jet Biplane vs Jet Car!
Sean Tucker performs his photo pass on Saturday at GGAS15
Blue Angels Narrator
The sun rises on the CAF Dixie Wing Corsair
Due to the smaller runway, the Blue Angels take-off in a 3 ship formation
JackLinks Jet Biplane makes a low pass
Delta Airlines Boeing 767 displays a new livery promoting the fight against Breast Cancer
The Blue Angels complete their pre-flight checklists prior to thte start of the show