Rivolto AFB Italy_Tommasso Munforti

Austrian Air Force Saab 105. The colour scheme commemorates 40 years of use by the Austrian Air Force.
The F-16 DEMO TEAM of the Belgian Air Force was founded in 1979. The team nowadays flies the latest, modernized F-16 MLU Fighting Falcon aircraft
The Red Devils was founded in 2008. The current team was established to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Belgian Air Force
Static Display: The F84 F with the colour of the Diavoli rossi (Red Devil) Aerobaitic Team.
Static Display: The F84 with the colour of the Thundering Jets of the 5th Fighter Wing.
Static Display: The F86 of the Black Lancers.
Static Display: The F86 Trecce Tricolori
Static Display: The F86E of the 4th fighter wing's aerobatic team the the Cavallino Rampante (Prancing Horse),
Tri-colour spark: the new aerobatic figure of Frecce Tricolori (By Stefano Del Mas)
The new CSAR helicopter of the Italian Air Force: the Agusta Westland HH-101 "Caesar"
The Italian Eurofighter of the Itlain test Wing.
Legend formation made by all the trainers that served in the Italian Air Force. The past represented by: the Fiat G45, the North-American T-6, and the Aermacchi MB326; one Aermacchi 339 A and one 339CD for the present and one M-346 for the future.
The display of the Italian Glider Aerobatics Champion: Luca Bertossio.
The Patrouille de France is the aerobatic demonstration team of the French Air Force. Originating in 1931, it is the world's oldest and one of the most skilled demonstration teams.
Patrulla Águila (Spanish for "Eagle Patrol"), formed 4th July 1985, is the aerobatic demonstration team of the Spanish Air Force. Flying 7 Casa C-101 Aviojets, they are the only team to use yellow smoke.