Thunder Over Michigan_Shawn Yost

A Detroit "Belle" poses in front of the movie "Memphis Belle" B-17 as a tribute to the Pin-Up era of World War II.
The final salute, as the Blue Angels conclude their performance. Blue Angel #1, Capt. Thomas Frosh is from the metro-Detroit area and was performing before his…
A German Air Force C-160 made a rare North American appearance at the 2015 Thunder Over Michigan Airshow
F-16 Viper pilot Captain Craig "Rocket" Baker opened the demo with a gut wrenching minimum radius turn at Thunder Over Michigan
Re-enactors in authentic gear for the era bring a level of realism to the Thunder Over Michigan event.
"Bombertown USA" was the warbird theme of the 2015 Thunder Over Michigan show. Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum's Lancaster B Mk X and Brent Hisey's B-25J…
Military Aviation Museum's DH.98 Mosquito and Mk. IXE Spitfire in a rare formation of both British aircraft.
Fighter aircraft from all theatres of WW II were represented at the 2015 Thunder Over Michigan show.
One of the featured bombers was the lone flying example of the PB4Y-2 Privateer.