EAA AirVenture_Rich Kolasa

Aerial view of main area
Shot from the EAA Bell 47 helo
Restored "French Connection" CAP-10
F-100 lifts off for Saturday night show
Dean Cutsall's F-100 lifts off
Twilight afterburner pass by Phantom
One of two remaining USAF F-4s made a number of afterburner passes before the Saturday night show
CWH Lancaster
The Lancaster bomber wearing temporary markings for the last show before returrning to its normal markings
Berlin Express departs
Pecos Bill departs
Warbirds area from helo
Closer view shos the two Mosquitos, along with the EAA B-25, which is being restored.
Warbird Area from EAA helicopter
Wider view of Warbirds area
Shot from EAA Bell 47