Mankato Air Show_Ken Cheung

Kent Pitesch landing on the RV
Kent Pitesch shows the crowd that he can also land on carrier if he had to with his Boeing Interstate Cadet at the 2015 Mankato Air Show.
Tony and Dave Wing Walking
Tony Kazian the Wing Walker amazes the Mankato air show crowd with his headstand routine with Dave Dacy's assistance on the stick of the Boeing Stearman.
John Klatt Photo Pass
John Klatt in his MXS putting on a show for the Mankato Air Show crowd with his photo pass.
Sean Tucker Preflight
Sean D Tucker pre-flight preparation with member of the Oracle Team at the 2015 Mankato Air Show
Sean D Tucker Ribbon Cut
Sean D. Tucker in the act cutting the ribbon on the second gate of his routine at the 2015 Mankato Air Show
TAC Demo Dedication Pass
The Navy Tactical Demo team from the VFA-106 Gladiator shows what raw power and little humidity can do at the Mankato Air Show.
Thunderbirds 11
Major Lucas Buckley Thunderbirds 11 keeps an eye on the returning Thunderbirds after their performance at the 2015 Mankato Air Show.
Thunderbird's Cross
USAF Thunderbird's opposing solo crossing at show center at t the 2015 Mankato Air Show