QCAS_ TomHedlund

On this early morning the crowd is already developing a line at QCAS to walk through a C-130 of the 182nd Airlift Wing, which is based out of the Peoria Air…
F-18 of the Blue Angels pull the nose high and applys the power.
After landing on Saturdays performance the crew displays the flag and waves to the crowd front.
Joe "Rifle" Shetterly RV-8 has quite a bit of aviation history to it, it was built by Eugene Gaddis a former military aviator who has flow the following jets:…
Jerry Conley "Ivan" pilot of the Red Star aircraft chatting with fellow L-29 pilot.
Leaning against the MV-22 Osprey of the VMM-163 Squadron a Marine takes some time to chat with a osprey fan.
Gregory "Wired" Colyer's T-33 know as the "Ace Maker" taking flight at QCAS.
Tracker landing on Friday.
Andy Anderson had just landed the Dragon as he finishes his demonstration and waves to the crowd.
The Shetterly Squadron which is made up of Greg (DR-107), Joe (RV-8), Jeff (T-6) and Micki ( announcer not shown) performing their photo pass.