MCAS Beaufort_JonHoughtaling

AH-1 Cobra
HMLA-167 Warriors based at MCAS New River sent this AH-1 Cobra to participate in the MAGTF Demonstration at the 2015 MCAS Beaufort Air Show.
B-52 Squadron Gear
The crew of this B-52 Stratofortress had an incredible selection of squadron gear for sale.
CH-53E Sea Stallion
Due to recent groundings and safety inspections of the type this CH-53E Sea Stallion was an unexpected participant in the flying display.
F/A-18C from VMFA-312 Checkerboards
The CAG bird from VMFA-312 tucking away the gear at the start of the MAGTF demonstration.
F-35B at the start of it's demonstration at the 2015 MCAS Beaufort Air Show.
Fat Albert Assault Landing
U.S. Marine Corps Capt. Katie Higgins, the first femal pilot for the Blue Angels, brings Fat Albert in for an assault landing at the 2015 MCAS Beaufort Air…
AV-8B Vertical Landing
The AV-8B Harrier II is momenst away from completing a vertical landing.
F-16 Demo
Capt Craig "Rocket" Baker performing in the F-16CJ Fighting Falcon
MV-22B Osprey
A MV-22B Osprey from VMM-264 exits show center on an overcast day at the 2015 MCAS Beaufort Air Show
EA-6B Prowler 007
This EA-6B Prowler earned the nose art "007" "Because it has done some pretty cool S@#t!" This Prowler was the last Marine Corps combat aircraft to leave Iraq…
F-16CJ Fighting Falcon on static display
F-16CJ from the SC ANG on static display at the 2015 MCAS Beaufort Air Show.