NAF El Centro_Rich Kolasa

B-52 on Static providing shade
With temps in the high 90s and nary a cloud to be found, masses of metal providing shade were very popular at El Centro.
Bill Cornicks Pitts at El Centro
Bill Cornick's sharply-painted Pitts begins a hammerhead against the bluest of blue skies at NAF El Centro.
British Apache Demonstration
The British Apache delighted the crowd with an amazing aerobatic performance at the beginning of the show.
Retro-painted CH-46 on static
The Marines brought this Vietnam-era painted CH-46 for static display, shortly before she was to fly to the boneyard.
C-2 makes a pass after jumpers descended
The Navy C-2 was utilized as a jump platform, and then made a nice pass for the crowd.
Hellcat and Zero at El Centro
The Warbird portion of the show was highlighted by many passes from the CAF's Hellcat and Zero, some in tight formation.
Privateer and Mitchell on static
The only flying Privateer and a B-25 highlighted a strong warbird static display.