California Capital Airshow_Mark Loper

C.E. Bud Adnderson arrives in style after departing a DC-3.
Marcus and Carol entertaining the crowd at the 2014 California Capital Airshow
Planes of Fame F4U Corsair
Harrier AV-8B. Up close and personal
A rare sight...a Hellcat and a Japanese Zero flying in formation. Commemorative Air Force aircraft. Jason Somes pilots the Hellcat. Steve Barber piloting the…
Heritage flight
Mike Wiskus buzzing by me at the numbers at the 2014 California Capital Airshow
The Patriots Jet Team signing autographs after their perfomance. Bud Anderson at the far end doing the same.
Rob "Scratch" Mitchell (#5) and Scott “Banker” Ind (#6) of the Patriots Jet Team at the California Capital Airshow
Patriots Jet Team in position on the ramp.
Tim "Tank" Redden, Axel "A.C." Alvarez, Dan "Nordo" West, and Rob "Rotor" Chambers of the West Coast Ravens RV Formation Team over Folsom Lake, CA.
Dean "Wilbur" Wright and Randy Howell of the Patriots Jet Team pilot the Saberliner in a tribute to Bob Hoover.
C.E. Bud Anderson speaking to the crowd at the Caligornia Capital Airshow