Cleveland National Air Show_Shawn Yost

Cleveland's Burke Lakefront Airport offers scenery unique to its location. Here the Blue Angels, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and First Energy Stadium (home…
The "Flying Sasquatch" jet powered Waco. The flat pass shows just how complex this machine is.
A young lad sits in the cockpit of the Coast Guard's MH-65 Dolphin. He listened while the pilot explains the importance of the Coast Guard and the helo's…
John Klatt's "Flying Sasquath" jet powered Waco climbs at mind numbing rates when the jet is active.
Julie Clark's "God Bless the USA" tribute
Julie Clark goes vertical in the "Free Spirit" T-34.
Skip Stewart's impressive muscle bi-plane "Prometheus."
Ken Rieder and Jon Thocker piloting RV8s of the Red Line Airshows team.
Red Line Airshows showing they can fly just as tight as the jet teams!
The world's only privately owned Sea Harrier tranistions from a hover to normal flight in front of the Cleveland crowd.
Skip Stewart way down low and fast!