Wing Nuts Flying Circus_Don Thun

Chuck Aaron takes the Red Bull Helicopter through a roll.
An F4U Corsair rolls over on it's back in a display of the fighter's capabilities.
Gary Rower flys Tempest, a Super Stearman, in an aerobatic display for the Tarkio, MO crowd
Greg Shetterly leaves smoke trails in the sky with a DR-107 that he built.
John Klatt tumbles and slides the Extra 300Ltail first through the air.
Matt Younkin dives the Beach 18 through the blue skies of Missouri in an unbelievable demonstration of the Beech 18
Col. Michael Kennedy sends the BT-13 "Grace" into a vertical climb showing the abilities of the WW II trainer.
Having settled their dogfight the Texas Flying Legend's flight of four and the Zero fly a tight formation photo pass
The Texas Flying Legend's TBM Avenger leads a flight of four with their genuine zero coming up on their left wing.
Now friends, the TBM, P-51, and the Zero fly in a close formation to make a photo pass for the crowd
The Zero comes in on the tail of the TBM Avenger but overshoots and becomes the hunted.
The lone Japanese Zero makes a head on attack on the Allied flight.
A genuine Zero flown by the Texas Flying Legends after a dogfight with the TBM. It was recovered from Ballale island in the late 60's. It is the only one still…