Truckee Tahoe_Mark Loper

Bill Cornick is in this photo if you can find him.
Bill Cornick falling from the sky inverted and spinning
Bill Gawthrop and his jet powered sailplane
Craig "Brute" Teft of Absolute Aerobatics LLC in his CJ-6 Nanchang
Dan Buchanan after his flight
Dan Buchanan in his hang glider with ribbons and smoke
Kent Pietsch making "purdy" colors in the sky
Kent after his truck top landing waiving to the crowd.
Kent Pietsch cutting a new ribbon flowing off the back of Dan Buchanan's hang glider
Bill Cornick with Kirk Heiser, flight lead of the Red Star Formation Team
Patty Wagstaff and Tim Just
Red Star Formation Team
Kurt Howerton, Kirk Heiser, and Byron Fox of the Red Star Formation Team
Photo Pass of Tim Just
Huge gratitude goes out to the Truckee Fire Department for their positioning and alertness at the Truckee Tahoe AirShow & Family Festival.
Beautiful day at the 2014
The USAF Wings of Blue bailing out of the jump plane