Thunder Over Utah_Ken Cheung

A-4 Skyhawk takes off behind a backdrop at the St. George Airport for its demonstration at the Thunder Over Utah Air Show.
A rare sight to see a A-4 demostation that including a dirty pass configuration.
Blue Angels Pilots
Blue Angels pilots waving back to the crowd after their performance at the 2014 St. George Air Show in Utah.
The Blue Angels executing the Delta Break out at The Thunder Over Utah Air Show
The Thunder Over Utah Air Show had the Golden Knights as one of the headline of the show. From the Knight’s Gold Team Sergeant Sherri Jo Gallagher jumps during…
The Blue Angels' Knife edge cross during the Thunder Over Utah.
After the Blues performace Major Brandon Cordill sigining for the fans of the show.
World War II Reenactment
During the Thunder Over Utah Air Show, the crowd was treated to a WWII reenactment with American and German tanks. Here seeing the Allies advancing against the…