Oshkosh_Jim Froneberger

Greg Koontz accepts the 2014 Bill BArber Award for Showmanship surrounded by his family and many past Barber Award winners
Raindrops on the wooden propellor of a Breezy
The EAA Brown Arch and the Oshkosh control tower
The Gee Bee QED replica
Gene Soucy and Teresa Stokes perform at EAA AirVenture
Gene Soucy over the Oshkosh Brown Arch
Gene Soucy performs his solo routine in the ShowCat - a modified Grumman AgCat
Greg Koontz inverted in his Xtreme Decathlon
Justin Lewis had a new color sceme for the Microjet
Matt Chapman did a dual aerobatic routine with an RC model Extra 300
Matt Younkin perfomes the Elephant Walk in the Twin Beech
Michael Goulian greets a fan
A P-51 Mustang basks in the late afternoon sun
The USMC MV-22 Osprey Demo
Sean D. Tucker gives EAA Young Eagles volunteer Aaron Wypyszynski the ride of his life
Skip Stewart in knife edge
The Sky Soldiers perform a Vietnam Re-enactment
Matt Chapman, Jack Knutson, Rob Holland, and Bill Stein are The 4CE
Theresa Eaman sings songs from the Vietnam era during Warbirds in Review
The Thunderbirds Delta formation over the EAA Brown Arch