Battle Creek Field of Flight _Shawn Yost

Bob Carlton in the Super Salto Sailplane loop
Kyle Franklin's beautiful Dracula Waco Biplane
Greg Shetterly in the DR-107 homebuilt aerobatic "One Design"
Paul Stender torching the tarmac in the Indy Boys Inc Jet School Bus
Kyle Franklin dives down in the Dracula Waco Bi-Plane
Jerry "Jive" Kerby in the "Wild Blue" RV-8A
Kyle Franklin and show announcer Phil Dacy finalize the Dracula performance narration and music.
Kyle Franklin pulls Dracula vertical
"Lunar" Sawyer narrates Jive Kerby's demo.
Rob Holland corkscrews through the sky
Roger Buis waving to the kids in Otto the Helicopter
Thunderbird 5 demonstrates the art of tactical surprise during the sneak pass
The Thunderbirds blast off in tight formation