Vectren Dayton Air Show_Ryan Grantonic

Many spectators watch as the Blue Angels test their smoke systems before taxiing
Spectators lining the fence watch the Blue Angels' "Fortus"
Viewed from the cockpit of a Boeing 757, a mass of spectators anticipate the Blue Angels performance
An Army Aviation Heritage Foundation owned AH-1 Cobra brings a rider back to earth. The AAHF has offered Cobra rides in recent years in addition to Huey rides
A view of the Skyraider "Bad News" and other airplanes from the cockpit of the C-54 "Spirit of Freedom."
Patty Wagstaff makes a high speed pass
Sean D. Tucker watches the crowd wave as he sideslips past
The heat of Shockwave's engines is highly visible as it drives to the runway
The Blue Angels walkout ceremony viewed from above. The return of the Blue Angels drew large crowds back to the Vectren Dayton Air Show following dismal…
A U.S. Air Force Wings of Blue skydiver comes to a bounding stop
U.S. Air Force Academy cadet Sam Larson brings in the American flag for the Wings of Blue skydiving team.