Cielo Aperto_Tommaso Munforti

The old German Ju-52 is taking off slowly and smoothly.
The dance of the two motorgliders of the Italian patrol Blue Voltige
The two motor gliders of the Italian patrol Blue Voltige (FOURNIER RF4D and FOURNIER RF5)
Breitling Jet Team cross passage
One of the last DH-115 Vampire-Trainer Mk 55 (HB-RVJ) with Swiss color. This trainer served in the Switzerland air force from 1953 to 1990.
The new Ethiad Regional Saab 2000, operated by Swiss company Darwin, perform a low pass over Locarmo AFB.
SAR demo performed by an Eurocopter EC-635 of Swiss Air Force
Historical flyby of a DC3 and a Beechcraft 18
Swiss Yves Rossy , ex pilot of Mirage, is the first and only man in the history of aviation to fly with a jet-propelled wing. Here after his landing on Locarno…
The Lucky Lady VII P-51D delivered in 1944 for Italian campaign
Old warrior: Me-109 is taking off.
The last Swiss colored Morane-Saulnier D-3801 in flying condition is taking off
Closing maneuver of the P3 Flyers team, the Swiss private aerobatic team flying on historical Pilatus PC-3
The C-36,on the left, is a single-engine two-seat ground-attack and reconnaisance aircraft produced by the Swiss manufacturer Eidgenössische…
Arianne formation for the PC7 team
Flying diamond formation … the PC7 team display begins
PC7 team two solo crossing
The Pilatus fleet aircrafts. From the top clockwise, the PC-7, the PC-9, the PC-3 and the PC-6.
Agusta A109 SP of REGA the Swiss Air Rescue Service, perform a short radius turn
Great maneuvers by the glider of the HB Airshow team