Cameron Missouri_Don Thun

Country singer, Aaron Tippin played for the crowd Saturday night. During one song he put together a bicycle and gave it to the show to give to the Marines "Toys…
The AeroShell Team takes off to exhibit another thrilling formation aerobatic performance
A special event for the kids. Ping pong balls were dropped from a J-3 Cub for the kids to find. The ping pong balls were exchanged for candy
Kyle Franklin and Skip Stewart go nose to nose on a low knife edge head on pass
Kyle Franklin blowing smoke rings during a snaproll. Smoke em if you got em
Matt Younkin takes the Beech 18 up for another fascinating exhibit of what a Beech 18 can be coaxed into
Shockwave makes it way down the runway to race Skip Stewart. Pouring on a little fire just to let Skip know there's a few thousand HP working for him.
Motocross rider, Cody Elkins, grabs Skip Stewart's wingtip while Skip flies down the runway at 90 mph
Cody Elkins, motorcross rider, jumps over Skip Stewart while Skip flies under him with his wingtip only a couple of feet above the runway
Skip Stewart cuts the ribbon with a LOW knife edge pass
One of the AeroShell Team members going up for a solo AT-6 aerobatic demonstration