Travis Air Expo_Mark Loper

Mini Elephant Walk of the Travis AFB Heavies. KC-10, C-17, C-5B Model and on loan from Dover, C-5M Model.
C-17 on a low pass with the C-5B in the distance turning base.
C-5M on final.
F-16 high speed pass after the Heritage Flight.
Golden Knights Photographer, Staff Sergeant Reese Pendeton about to exit the aircraft.
The first show of the 2014 season for the Golden Knights Black Team.
Bill Braack of Smoke-n-thunder having to race Kent Pietsch in the tug since Bill's jet car truck hauler broke down on the way to the Travis show.
Kent Pietsch doing his dead stick routine over the moon.
Female Thunderbird right wing pilot (#3) Maj. Caroline Jensen signs autographs and meets the crowd after the Saturday performance.
Melissa Pemberton giving me a smile as she heads back to the hot pit after her teaser on Saturday.
Thunderbirds 5 and 6 cross.
Military birds on the ramp.
Greg "Wired" Colyer on his photo pass.
Thunderbirds about to break over the crowd and the B-52.
Thunderbirds ready for departure.
The 2014 Thunderbird pilots.
Thunderbird lead readying for departure.
Thunderbird sneak pass.
The F-16 getting a little vapor.