Chino Planes of Fame_Rich Kolasa

Bremont Horsemen with Sabres
The show closed with the Bremont Horsemen flying Sabres
Bremont Horsemen
Saturday's performance of the Bremont Horsemen flying Mustangs.
Sabre and N9M Flying Wing
Close-up of the F-86 as the Northrop N9M performs behind
Korean War Flight
Shooting Star, Mig and Sabre join up on Sunday
Show opening
Each day's show opened with the P-38 leading P-47s as the National Anthem played
Heritage Flight
Another amazing Heritage Flilght at Chino
Two razor-backs
The world's only two flying razor-back Thunderbolts together at Chino
Little Buddy
A Mustang passes behind the Lyon's B-17 "Fuddy Duddy" during Sunday's show, making for a great photo op
The star of the show, Dan Friedkin's newly-acquired razorback P-47