Thunder Over Louisville_Nate Burrows

Greg Colyer and "Ace Maker Airshows" T-33 passes by the Louisville Crowd in the Photo Pass.
Billy Werth in his Christian Eagle performing the double hammerhead.
The Blue Angels C-130 "Fat Albert" approaches the airshow box for the simulated short field take off
The Blue Angels Diamond exits the airspace after performing the Dirty Clean Flat Pass
The Blue Angels solo pilots performing the opposing 360 pass.
The United States Air Force F-22 Raptor showing the crowd its Weapons Bay.
John Klatt flying his MXS for the first time in front of the Louisville Crowd.
John Klatt turning his MXS into a helicopter.
The Lima Lima flight team have performed at every Thunder Over Louisville for the past 25 years.
Team AeroDynamix open the show with the missing man formation.
The Trojan Horsemen completing their Night show by flying off into the sunset.
The Trojan Horsemen approach the show box crossing over the 2nd Street Bridge.
The UPS 767 approaches in the landing configuration over the 2nd Street Bridge.