Mark Henley taxies by the Thunderbirds line-up at MacDill.
Scott Yoak and Jim Tobul break during their “Class of ‘45” performance.
Rob Holland and Mike Goulian perform a mirror pass at the end of their “teaser” after circling the jumpers.
Jerry “Jive” Kerby taxies past Mike Goulian’s Extra during the show.
The first show at MacDill in 3 years drew a huge crowd. The show also featured a very plentiful static display of aircraft, as virtually every type in the Air…
The four ‘h’s at MacDill…hazy, hot, humid, and hardware everywhere.
Retired Air Force Eagle and Phantom pilot Jerry “Jive” Kerby performing a full acro demonstration in the T-28 Trojan.
An inverted Melissa Pemberton destroys the ribbon during her performance over a heat-haze obscured runway.
The Thunderbirds tear through the humid sky over Tampa, Florida.